A Fabulous Trip to Southwest France Enhances the Flavors at North Point

Having spent a busy couple of years building North Point Plantation’s hospitality business, my husband, Bill, and I were finally able to do some traveling in December. 

And was a fabulous trip it was: delicious food, wine, pastries and chocolate, dramatic landscape, wonderful people, and fascinating Roman and medieval ruins, castles, churches, and fortresses. Some of the countryside actually reminded me of the rolling hills of Virginia. Surely I never travel far from North Point without thinking of her exquisite sunlight, soothing, clean Mattaponi River, and expanse of surrounding farm fields that seem to reach to the horizon.  North Point’s main house was constructed in 1740, which is rather old for an American home, but of course, young compared to homes in France that were built many centuries ago in stone to last. 

The photo above shows some of the goodies we brought back from France. I love nothing more than pampering North Point Plantation’s Bed and Breakfast guests with a yummy breakfast, and what is breakfast without great jam and honey?   Then again, an evening at North Point without good wine and spirits is like a ship without a mast. 

It’s good to go away, as they say, but even better to come home. 

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