North Point Plantation’s 2017 Wedding Season

As I look back at 2017, our first full year hosting weddings, the emotion that springs to mind first and foremost is gratitude. Gratitude for the couples who chose to express their love and commitment and to share their abiding love for each other with their family and closest friends at North Point Plantation. I wonder how many couples have married at North Point since the main house was built in 1740. I can easily imagine men in velvet waist coats and lace collars, and women in long dresses and petticoats saying their vows beneath the same sun, moon, and stars. (To read about a young, newly engaged couple who left a permanent mark on North Point, go to:

These milestones in life do not change through the centuries, millennia, even. The externals may change, the hairstyles, the fashions, but not the essential human yearning to love and be loved and to celebrate publicly among those closest to us.

To those couples whom we witnessed marry in 2017, I express my deepest thanks for allowing me to get to know you a bit, to share in your excitement, anticipation, happiness, and fulfillment that a day you had been planning, in some cases for years, finally culminated in a beautiful North Point wedding. When you say the words to me, “Rhonda, it was perfect,” you can’t really know how much that means to me.

And to those couples who will be married at North Point in 2018, as the Black Eyed Peas’ song says, “Let’s get it started.”

Photo credit: Allegra’s Studio

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